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Bringing a Different Kind of CBD Company to Consumers

Isolate product family

An exciting new CBD company has emerged, capturing market share in the crowded CBD space. Isolate Pure CBD is making a name for itself, not only because of the way they make and market their CBD, but primarily because of the people who make up the company.

From marketing executives, entertainment company heads, professional athletes and college students to diamond dealers, a superfood expert and a physician for the NFL, Isolate Pure CBD is backed by a wealth of well educated and experienced professionals to bring a different kind of CBD company to consumers.

Isolate Pure CBD as a company has one common dominator and that is they all use CBD and for the most part, for different, wide-ranging reasons including insomnia, workouts, pain, arthritis and anxiety.

Taking in all of the important issues of health, the opioid crisis, climate crisis and sustainability issues of today, Isolate Pure CBD has focused on where to grow, how to grow, how to harvest and how to deliver CBD.

Isolate Pure CBD is cultivated in the lush Kentucky heartland by dedicated farmers where hemp has been grown successfully since the 1700’s. They sustainably farm premium hemp-derived CBD products in an FDA registered and inspected GMP-Compliant faciity, All of their products are tested by third parties for safety and quality. With that said, they are now working to make consumers as safe and knowledgeable about CBD as they can.

Simultaneously, Isolate Pure CBD is working on a medical study that will help accurately prescribe CBD for a myriad of health issues ranging from anxiety, inflammation, headaches, epilepsy to insomnia, arthritis, gut health, chronic and acute pain. They are working to publish the first medical paper on how best to use CBD for all of these health issues.

Dr. Gazzaniga, who serves on Isolate Pure CBD’s Board of Advisors states that “we are in the early stages of looking at CBD for acute pain treatment in order to reduce or eliminate the need for opiates.”

Isolate Pure CBD currently has four products they have released for public use: 50 mg. CBD capsules that are full spectrum; full spectrum oil droppers that come in both 500mg and 1000mg; a topical cream in a pump form that is 500mg; and lastly, an incredible acne treatment cream that combines Manuka honey and CBD.

You can find and order all of these products online at or you can call 800-284-1293 to order by phone.

Isolate Pure CBD is currently working on additional proprietary products as an alternative to using opioids and for college and professional athletes. They are working to have these products available in 2020.

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